Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?


Don’t care about shipping yet? Okay…

Shipping costs… how it works.

YOU’LL ONLY SEE ALL THE POSSIBLE SHIPPING OPTIONS AND COSTS ONCE YOU’VE ENTERED YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS (OPEN THE ‘CALCULATE SHIPPING’ LINK BELOW). If you’re in the Huon or Hobart area, you can contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time and location for a pickup – just specify 7000 as your postcode if you’d like to choose ‘pickup’ as your delivery method.

We offer delivery by Australia Post with tracking.

Our stuff doesn’t always fit in a square box…

Australia Post has a limit of 105cm length on deliveries, so the handles we sell can’t be sent by post. For this reason we also offer delivery by couriers.

Postage is calculated automatically by considering your items’ weights and dimensions, along with your postcode, against published delivery costs.

Because some of our products are oddly shaped, the estimates will not always be accurate. For example, if you ordered three scythe blades of different lengths, we could stack them on top of each other to save space, but the calculator can only guess at the machinations of our vastly superior intelligence, and will likely calculate postage on multiple packages. While we do reserve the right to charge a handling component, if we get an order like that where there’s been an obvious error resulting in a charge that’s much too high, we’ll make a refund.


All prices are $AUD. We are not registered for GST and do not charge GST on any products.

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