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A story of waste

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016 in News

US scythe enthusiast Benjamin Bouchard posted a scan of an old brochure he came across, onto the scything improver’s forum. It was produced in 1915 by the Pike Manufacturing Company, one of the largest...

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Aussie mowers, meet Rinaldi!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in News

We’re very excited to bring yet another product into our range that hasn’t been on offer in Australia until now – including one product that’s no longer manufactured. Rinaldi has a 200...

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More whetstone info

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in News

We’ve decided to call our sandstone whetstones Tassie Tigers, for a number of reasons. I’d originally thought of ‘Thylacine’, but the alliteration of the Tassie Tiger is more catchy....

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Felco canoe stone

Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in News

Sometimes life is cruel. I was so excited to find a DIAMOND CANOE STONE!  Made by Swiss company Felco, this looked like it was going to be a gem of a find: But when it was delivered, reality came crashing in:...

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Mowers Anonymous

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in News

I’ve been wondering when a hobby/sideline business officially becomes something less akin to a hobby and something more akin to an obsession. I’m still not sure where that line is, but it occurred...

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First-born from the motherlode

Posted by on Jul 25, 2015 in News

There is something ridiculously satisfying about producing a whetstone. There is something even more satisfying when it looks this good: This is the very first stone, cut today, from the prospecting trip Tony...

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Grain cradles

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Guidance, News

We’ve had a few enquiries about grain cradles recently. Tony gave a guy a hand mowing some oats this season so had a good opportunity to experiment. I’m hoping to convince him to write a bit about...

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Scythe ad

Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in News

I’ve cobbled together some video that I’ve recorded over the last mowing season and put it together as an ad. It will be interesting to see if it generates any...

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Make your own ‘whetstone’

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Guidance

I’ve put up a few posts in the past about DIY whetstones, but I finally got around to something a little bit different. Mr Henk Bos, a gent in the Netherlands, did the world a great service by...

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Bourgeois Bladerunners??

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in News

You may have noticed we’ve bumped up prices on some of our items.  This has been a difficult decision since a driving motivation behind this business was to put scythes in your hands at a better price....

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Snaths are here

Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in News

Phew… our snaths arrived today. I did a quick trip out to the depot to pick them up personally, rather than chance them running around the countryside for another day. We’ll take 10 over to Lost...

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