Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?

Who is Peter Vido?

If you’re really asking this question, you’re obviously just starting to read about scythes.

We should say up front that Peter Vido has no commercial or official affiliation with this site or our business whatsoever. He has, however, volunteered many hours (we expect it’s been close to being equivalent to a full week’s work) to educate us, provide contacts, do a good deal of legwork, and even ‘donated’ some gear, to turn the idea into a reality.

Peter is the ‘community-appointed’ guru of the scything world. He has travelled widely and often researching the tool, its use and production. He’s lived on the grounds of a scythe factory as a home-away-from-home, with a collegial approach to sharing expertise. He has consulted to blade makers, has been invited to attend international events, and wrote the addendum to The Scythe Book. His knowledge of scythes and scything is encyclopedic – from historical origins, traditions, industries, and practice, right to the current day.

While Peter gives no particular endorsement to our business (other than our being like a pair of little old ladies), we’re nonetheless excited to be the only shop in the region offering a rig pairing what Peter considers the most ergonomic snath in bulk production, teamed with what he considers the best blades currently in production.

We’d also like to thank Ashley, Peter’s daughter, who we know is often the go-between for email correspondence and the more technical requirements of the interwebs. For both of them (and other members of the family at different times), the “pain” of maintaining a dialogue with us (and indeed the world via their website) has sometimes been literal – having included doing all that via a dial-up internet connection and a phone in an unheated room with well-below-zero degree temperatures outside, while fingers turned blue inside.

Thank you, it’s been much appreciated.