Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?


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Hi Marshall,
The scythe arrived on Friday as you said. I managed get home and restrain my “small child on Christmas morning” level of excitement for perhaps 10 minutes then went out to attack what my wife laughably calls a lawn (3′ high grass and dandelions). It took me about 15 minutes to mow a similar sized area to the one I attacked last weekend with the line trimmer – that had taken a couple of hours of fiddling with the damned thing to get it working and stopping every few minutes to coax some more line out of the head. I’m massively impressed with it!



Just letting you know it all arrived safe, thanks so much for your help…

Once again thank you for the advice, I know many companies are happy just making sales but you took the time to explain.
I appreciate it so much.



FYI, got blade etc today. Thanks for being on the ball with it all over the hols. The blade is indescribably beautiful to work with… it’s *that* good…  I’m doing stuff I with it I didn’t know I could do.




Hi Guys

My scythe has arrived, is assembled and has already harvested some of my carpet. It’s the right size, very comfy and just plain awesome sauce in a silver gravy boat! I couldn’t be more pleased!


Thanks and Very Kind Regards




Initial response to the blades is the 50cm mounted on a Swiss snath is a work in progress, I haven’t got the set up quite right after the very short time spent with it to date. The 75cm, however, mounted on the Canadian snath, has me thinking after just an hour’s work, that it is the best thing I’ve yet to try. It’s a dream and I can’t wait to get out there to prove that I’m not dreaming.




Bladerunners provide everything a scyther needs. Excellent falci blades, peening equipment, snaths, parts and friendly advice on how best to use your tools. Also, their service and support is great. I’d happily recommend them.



Thanks a lot for the follow up email — that’s great customer service! 🙂  Lots of good tips there. I’ll be having a good go at it tomorrow morning. If all goes well I think I might buy a shorter blade down the track for doing between rows in our orchard. Oh, and the refund came through fine.

Thanks again!


Hi Marshall,

The scythe arrived safely last Friday. Damn it is sharp!
I had a quick try and it works excellently on the long grass.
Looking forward to using it this weekend.

Thanks and cheers,


I did some serious damage to the thin edge of the Falci blade with the tough stuff I am trying to cut, mainly mission grass (introduced pasture grass) and some couch which forms a intertwined mat about 500 mm thick. I just honed the Gunas blade as you sent it and the lay of the blade seemed to be the same when fitted to my snath which I had tapered with a plane to suit my Falci blade. I can feel the slight extra weight of the blade but that is an advantage when cutting grass with tough stems and the thicker edge still cuts well
without suffering any damage yet so I think your website description is spot on. The grass  I am cutting is pretty dry now and with the benefit of hindsight I will cut it twice next wet season when it gets about a metre high.



Trevor's mission grass - photo supplied.

Trevor’s mission grass – photo supplied.