Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?

Snaths will be another month in coming…

Something we’re always searching for is a quality snath made on our own soil so that we aren’t reliant on overseas production and subsequent importing. Obviously the further away the product is manufactured, the harder it is to control its distribution. The trouble is, the snaths we get from Canada are (in our opinion) the best being manufactured, so if a product was made here, it would have to be of a pretty high quality to match them. We’ve passed back some feedback to a local manufacturer on the prototypes we’ve tested, and we’re hopeful these will work out well.

We hoped, as did our Canadian suppliers hope, our new shipment of snaths would be with us in the middle of January, but unfortunately they’ve been swamped by other jobs and our snaths probably won’t be finished for another month yet. We apologise to those people who have been waiting for a snath, but as most of you in rural areas are aware, the seasonality of our lives means that some things just don’t happen when you plan for them. The snath production by the Mennonites in Canada is also a seasonal thing; when it’s snowing there (six feet deep, this morning), it’s a time for steam-bending timber.

For those people who can’t wait for another month or so, there is always Scythes Australia who have reasonable snaths available. If you’d rather wait, “keep watching this space” and we’ll definitely let you know when they arrive.