Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?


– We sell a growing range of Tasmanian-made products.

– We sell Italian-made Falci scythe blades – the sharpest blades ‘out of the box’ that we’ve ever seen, and the best blades on the market in the opinion of those in the know.

– We sell Canadian Ash steam-bent snaths (handles) – the most ergonomic in production today according to Peter Vido.

– We sell Turkish-made Günaş scythe blades

– We are, to our knowledge, the only outlet in Australia offering this combination of products.

– Our aim is to sell these quality products, and their accessories, at lower prices with the ultimate goal of being able to offer our suppliers (the people doing the work in an industry under threat) a higher wholesale price for their goods. In short, less profit for us, the middle men.