Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?

Shampoo bottle whetstone holder

This is something that’s been kicking around in our heads for a while.

I used two shampoo bottles to make a whetstone holder. I cut the top off one obliquely to make a nice accessible opening, and cut the bottom and part of the side off another (as one contiguous piece) to use as the belt clip.

The base is nice and thick so it’s more substantial to work with.

Here’s how it came out:

I’ve passed it on to Tony for product testing. I don’t know what we’ll do along these lines just yet… we may offer them for sale (re-used, hand crafted!!) or we may just buy a box of rivets and offer our customers rivets to make their own (because there’s nothing worse than having to buy a pack of 100 rivets when you’re only ever going to use two). But we’re pretty much “over” buying non-specialised items from overseas…

In the meantime, if anyone wants to have a go at making something like this, the key points I tried to keep in mind were:

  • Keep any holes high enough so that the water doesn’t leak out
  • Remember water is heavy, so you really want the smallest bottle you can find that still fits your stone (unless access to water when you’re mowing is a problem, in which case you may like a little more volume). Ideally this bottle would’ve tapered away a bit at the bottom, but I didn’t have any like that.
  • Following on from that, note what I’ve done with the two rivets here. It was tempting to just put one in the top, but I figured the weight of the water might result in the clear section popping out of the purple section (it just clips on, no adhesive there) – so the combination of the lower and higher rivets is more about holding the two components of the bottle together than it is about holding the belt clip on.
  • A long ‘tongue’ on the belt clip gives you a bit of a buffer if you bounce around a bit when you mow – less likely to fall off.

Having a whetstone holder that actually stands up by itself (without needing to hook it over something or lean it against something) is kinda cool, actually.

And of course for those who really want to get creative, you can have a go at making them out of something a little more aesthetically pleasing. Here’s one I did from Huon Pine and copper wire: