Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?

Scythes in Fiji

Late last year we had an enquiry from Fiji about supplying a scythe. I admit my response was rather lukewarm – we generally have very little interest in importing gear just to fly it out of the country again.

But after a few emails, the penny dropped – the enquiry was being made by someone who was doing genuine “scythe evangelism” – trying to convince local authorities that a scythe was a more appropriate technology for rice harvesting than putting a cradle on a brush cutter (which was already happening as he wrote).

So we ended up sending over a couple of rigs, a selection of fully prepared blades, and a full maintenance kit, gratis. Here’s one of the locals swinging one of those rigs for the very first time ever. There are improvements to be made in his technique, but as a first effort, this is very encouraging (he’s doing a much better job than I did with my first effort!)

We’ll keep you posted on any developments.