Falci scythe blade 35cm 187
Falci scythe blade 35cm 187Falci scythe blade 35cm 187Falci scythe blade 35cm 187

Scythe blade 35cm – Falci model 187


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Product Description

This short, stout blade is great for tight spaces, vegie gardens, and chasing individual targets like ferns or thistles. It’s not a bush/brush blade so does need to be used with a degree of care, but it’s still a robust little unit and the lighter weight (around 295 gm) makes it a pleasure to use.

We peen all Falci blades at no additional cost.

Variation available: customise your tang elevation (“As it comes” means we make no changes).

You can watch one in action in the following videos:

Additional Information

Weight .295 kg
Dimensions 37 x 13 x 4 cm