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European scythe attachment ring

European scythe attachment ring


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Our snaths now include a Tasmanian-made attachment ring; you don’t need to order one separately. This page is for those customers wanting to purchase a ring for a home-made snath.

The attachment ring is what holds the blade to the snath.

The rings are supplied with a hex key to fit the grub screws.

The “European” option includes a range of sizes (and some of the ones we have left may just fit but we don’t consider it a good fit) that could be useful if you’re keen to try making your own one grip snath. You can of course make your own snath and use a wider ring as well. Some of the smaller ones will fit a Swiss snath, so feel free to ask.

If you have a different, specific size of ring you’d like, drop us a line and we’ll see if we can hunt one up for you.

If asking for a specific size, please use the following definitions of dimensions (they’re based on the snath rather than the ring!)

We use dimension terminology that refers to the snath, since that's what the rings have to fit!

We use dimension terminology that refers to the snath, since that’s what the rings have to fit!

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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 4 cm