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Sanding block

Sanding block


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This 120 grit hand sanding block is fantastic for removing rust from the blade and buffing up the edge prior to peening.

All non-stainless high carbon steel rusts, and scythe blades are no different. Typically the rust from the bulk of the blade will be removed by a good mowing session, but it’s critical to clean up the edge before trying to peen it. Iron oxide doesn’t behave like steel!

The hand blocks are a unique product in that they are impregnated with abrasive right through the whole block – not just the outside as in most common sanding blocks. So it’s not a ‘use once and throw away’ product.

They’re also great for any other hand tools that need a buff every now and again, as well as other uses such as cleaning the table on table saws.

When peening a scythe blade, using the block gives a clean edge with a matte shine, and when the hammer or jig cap strikes this edge, the point of impact is very obvious due to a glossier shine in that spot. We personally found the blocks made a big difference to our peening, so we’ve become a distributor to get them out there.

Here’s what one of our first customers said:

As a novice at peening a scythe, I found using the sanding block an invaluable tool. Firstly, it aided in cleaning the blade pre-peening then it helped to see where the hammer struck while using a peening hammer and anvil… it will be the standard for accurate peening and blade maintenance.

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