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Rinaldi tall stump anvil

Rinaldi tall stump anvil


Flatter than the Picard peening anvil, the Rinaldi anvils give more contact surface when peening, so can speed up the process. The taller anvils also give more options when orienting the blade than the lower anvils, since the tangs can move freely without coming in contact with the stump as can happen with the shorter anvils.

This anvil is around 860g and its total length around 24cm. It features a ‘shelf’ on one side which is useful to rest your fingers on to give a base from which you can feed the blade along the face of the anvil (there’s some disagreement amongst the scything community as to whether this is its intended purpose or not, but it seems to us, and our queries to the manufacturer didn’t really give us a more clear answer). So we suggest mounting this anvil with the shelf facing away from you as you peen.

As seems to be becoming standard practice, once again we’ve paid more to get these produced to our requirements – while they’re not as polished as the very shiny Picard anvils (also by special order), they’re now good enough to use as they come. We do also soften the edges slightly to reduce the potential for a miss-hit damaging an edge.

Which anvil should you buy? Well, check out our news post on the topic for some things to consider.

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Weight .86 kg
Dimensions 24 × 4.5 × 4 cm