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Rinaldi peening hammer

Rinaldi peening hammer


With both faces broad, this hammer is best reserved for use on narrow anvils only, unlike the Picard cross-pein hammer.

While the hammer head appears to be stamped with “500”, we suspect this is actually a 600g head. The whole hammer weighs around 655g (as compared to the Picard at around 560), so assuming both handles are around 50g, 600g appears closer to the mark. It certainly feels heavier in the hand, and balancing the head on the scales whilst supporting the handle with just one finger at the base of the handle, yields 596g on the digital scales (as compared to 502g for the Picard). The extra weight doesn’t go astray when peening thicker or harder edges.

This hammer also has a more curved face than the Picard, and again, while we’ve ordered them with extra polish, they don’t meet the level of polish provided by Picard (but are still perfectly usable).

The heads are epoxied onto the handle – we’re yet to see how well these hold up (one sample provided to us did come loose, but we were assured by the manufacturer and another retailer that this is an oddity) – rather than the traditional wedge (whether it be timber or steel).

The handle itself is shaped to be slightly more comfortable in the hand than the simple straight taper of the Picard hammer.

Wondering which hammer you should buy? Well, check out our news post on the topic for some things to consider.

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Weight .655 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 11.5 × 3 cm