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Rinaldi field peening anvil

Rinaldi field peening anvil


The field peening anvil is driven into the ground and used while sitting on the ground with the anvil between your legs. This is a fantastic alternative to other “portable” peening solutions such as a peening horse/bench/stump – just take the anvil and a hammer and you’re good to go. At just over 1.3kg these are the heaviest items we stock, but compared to lugging around a peening bench, it’s a very elegant solution.

The anvils also feature a ‘shelf’ on which you can position some fingers on your blade-holding hand to assist in guiding the blade across the face of the anvil.

We’ve ordered these with extra polish and we also soften the edges of the peening face slightly. These are flatter anvils across the shortest length of the anvil face, meaning you’ll make contact with more steel with each strike.

Wondering which anvil you should buy? Well, check out our news post on the topic for some things to consider.

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Weight 1.305 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 8 × 8 cm