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Left-handed scythe blade 60cm – Falci model 100

Left-handed scythe blade 60cm – Falci model 100


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We’ve had a few enquiries about left handed blades, so we’ve brought a limited number in for the southpaws.

Note that you’ll also need a left-handed snath to get the benefit of a left-handed blade, otherwise your grips will be pointing the wrong way.

To our eye the left-handed blade doesn’t look to be as well balanced as the standard blades, but we’re yet to have any feedback based on actual use by a left-hander so we can’t really attest to how well these mow as yet. But presumably if you really would prefer to use a left handed blade, these would give a far better experience than any right-handed blade.

We peen all Falci blades at no additional cost.

Variation available: customise your tang elevation (“As it comes” means we make no changes).

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Weight .405 kg
Dimensions 62 × 15 × 4 cm