Learn to scythe

“Learn to scythe”, by Steve Tomlin – instructional book


A fantastic introduction to the basics of scythe use and maintenance. See below for more detail.

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Product Description

Steve Tomlin is a UK-based greenwood worker and scythe instructor. We’re very happy to be able to stock his very useful ‘how to’ book, which fills a niche between the kind of quick start guidance we provide on this site, and the more in depth discussion available in Peter Vido’s addendum to The Scythe Book, and his website.

Learn to scythe is effectively the main points from a beginner’s scything workshop distilled into a short, simple book. We highly recommend it as a starting point for people with no previous mowing experience, or for people struggling to get the scythe to perform well and who just prefer having something to hold in their hand to read.

As a clarification/addendum to the book, for Australian conditions and our products we recommend:

  • Fitting the attachment ring within 5-10mm of the end of the snath (or, more particularly, as close to the neck of the blade as possible)
  • Mowing (when you’re comfortable doing so) from 4 or 5 o’clock on the right hand side (refer to page 28 of the book for an explanation of the ‘clock’)
  • Experimenting with using a wedge to adjust lift as well as lay (refer to the discussion here)
  • Always honing a freshly peened blade prior to mowing

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