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Fine natural canoe scythe stone – Vera Bergamasca

Fine natural canoe scythe stone – Vera Bergamasca


This fine-to-medium, Italian-made whetstone is rough-hewn on one broad face, and flat-ground on the other, making it quite pleasing to hold. From the manufacturer:

This stone has been produced by artisan workshops that have acquired for centuries the art of working with whetstone, an art handed down from father to son and maintained unchanged over time. Therefore we thank the purchaser of this artisan product also in the name of all the artisans who want to keep the traditions of our country intact.

It’s a nice stone to use, although it’s relatively fast-wearing for a natural stone – much more like a Bregenzer than a Rozsutec or a Tassie Tiger. It quickly produces an abrasive slurry and is suitable for finishing fine edges.

The short story is that we got hold of these because we can’t keep up with demand for the Tassie Tigers, and wanted to be able to offer a suitable stone that sits somewhere between our coarse and fine ceramic offerings. They are, in fact, like chalk and cheese in terms of composition, but they’ll serve well for a medium stone.

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