Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?

Coarse synthetic canoe scythe stone

Coarse synthetic canoe scythe stone


This Japanese-made whetstone is produced by the same company that makes the renowned ‘King’ water stones, with which most knife buffs will be familiar. As far as we know, we’re the first outlet in the region to have these scythe stones available.

The canoe shape is ideal for setting a hollow bevel on the edge, which gives the best cutting penetration. The curve on this stone is a very good match with our Tassie Tigers and ceramics.

We recommend using the coarse stone – lightly – immediately after peening with a freehand anvil, or with a little more pressure if you’ve peened with the jig.

As with many coarse synthetics, such as the Styria whetsone, these do wear relatively quickly, and they also take a little use to ‘settle’ into their normal behaviour. We may yet produce a natural coarse stone which would be harder wearing, but in the meantime, we think this is a great stone to add to a kit.

And they’re red! So easier to spot if you misplace them.

Confused about what stone to buy? Check out the FAQ on that very question.

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