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Canadian white ash snath & Tassie-made attachment ring

Canadian white ash snath & Tassie-made attachment ring


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Please note: Snaths cannot be sent by post as they exceed Australia Post’s 105cm limit.

Courier will be selected as the shipping method for any shipment with an item exceeding the 105cm limit (all our snaths are longer than 105cm) – rates are calculated at the checkout once you enter your postcode. If entering your postcode doesn’t result in a courier rate being included as a delivery option, please contact us for a quote.

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We’ve exhausted a number of avenues in attempts to have them locally made, so we’ve bitten the bullet – we’re tooling up and haunting timber mills, with the aim of being able to sell Tassie-made snaths bent by our own fair hands. In the meantime, the Canadian snath is what we’re promoting.

We’re now including our Tasmanian-made stainless steel attachment ring with our snaths. You can read about the ring here.

These quality snaths are produced in Canada by a Mennonite family business that has been producing bentwood products for decades.

Peter Vido rated these snaths as the most ergonomic in bulk-production (he actually recommended making one yourself, as the best way of achieving a perfect fit), and the grips really do feel nice in your hands – angled outwards and downwards, and simply a better fit to the hand; you’ll notice the difference if you’ve used other snaths.

White ash is used in applications such as making baseball bats – these are durable snaths that will give good service. They are slightly wider and heavier than the popular Swiss snaths, but they are also more robust in our opinion. For starters, ours are steam bent, which makes them less susceptible to the kind of breakage due to shearing forces that are more likely to occur with ‘saw-bent’ products (saw bent is not really bent at all, it’s just sawing out a bent shape). Note that the “Swiss snaths” which are also adjustable, have now been modified to more closely resemble the design of the Canadian snaths – we’re yet to use one of these newer models so can’t offer an informed opinion about how they compare.

We supply the snaths with nyloc nuts for the grips, with a snath saver fitted, neoprene pad fitted, and wedges made from local hardwood to assist in finding your ideal blade fit.

The long snath is 166cm in length and is the best option for taller people. More specifically, the grips will adjust so that:

  • the lower grip aligns to between 93cm to 109cm
  • the upper grip aligns to between 150cm to 166cm

The short snath is 150cm in length and is the best option for shorter people. More specifically, the grips will adjust so that:

  • the lower grip aligns to between 78cm to 94cm
  • the upper grip aligns to between 135cm to 150cm

If you’re not sure what this alignment refers to, check out our quick start guide – it’s important that you get the height right or you’ll be “behind the eight ball” from the outset.

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