Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?

Need a replacement blade cover?

heavy-duty-scythe-blade-edge-coverWe’ve tried out several likely-looking contenders but none have fit the bill.

The Falci covers are a great bright red which makes them easy to find, but they’re fairly flimsy and can actually be a trap – we’ve known them to become brittle and split along the seam which can give a false sense of security.

Some of the covers we tried were too stiff and resisted taking the curve of the blade, and others were just too small and didn’t really hold on well enough.

This one fits the bill very well, and it’s even made in Australia.

I suggested adding them as standard to Günaş blades and bumping the price up accordingly (it’s not cheap stuff), but Tony preferred to give people the option to decide whether they want to fork out extra for a cover or not, just as we give them the option to buy gloves or not. Fair call, said I.

So, here they are: