Need some convincing about why scythes are a worthwhile investment?

Hitachi rocks

whetstonesHere at Bladerunners, we aim to provide tools that you’ll pass on to the next generation. Hand tools are what float our boats, but we’re realists as well – we’d never be able to keep up if we did everything by hand.

The angle grinder I use to make whetstones is an Hitachi. My uncle tells me he bought it in the 1960s, to quickly sand back apple case head boards, in the days when this farm was almost all apples and the fruit was packed into timber cases on site.

And it’s still going strong, after doing that work for the last generation, and grinding about $9000 worth of sandstone and ceramic whetstones for us.

The brushes finally wore out in the last few weeks, so on a fool’s errand, I contacted Hitachi to ask if I could get spare parts. For a 50+ year old power tool.

Imagine my surprise when, the same day, I received an email advising: that the brushes are still available; the part number, and; a local agent who could order them for me. No attempt to sell me a more modern unit, just the facts – pure customer service.

On receiving the brushes, I went to fit them and one of the caps that hold the brushes was fused into the casing. After wrestling with it for about half an hour (including Dremelling a longer screwdriver slot to give me more leverage), the cap shattered. I emailed the Hitachi customer service guy, and lo and behold, there are still some of those caps left too.

I know what brand of power tools I’ll be shopping for from now on. Hats off Hitachi, you’re awesome.