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Getting a Bladerunners order ready to ship

I often wonder if our customers have any idea of just how much work is involved in getting an order ready to ship, so I put this video together to demonstrate. The total recording time prior to editing and speeding up the footage, was 2 hours.

Of course if we were more organised and completed these tasks in a factory-line kind of approach for multiple items at once in advance, it’d take less time (and indeed we do manage that sometimes), but we often can’t find a day or two to devote to that kind of approach.

I suspect the time required to do this kind of work is why the ScytheConnection shop is often closed – they also put a lot more time into discussing the customer’s needs than we do (we will – and do – talk to customers about what they’re needing, but if a customer places an order without discussing it first, we’ll just fill it).

There is also more work involved than what’s shown here – for example, the steps to make the ‘D’ part of the attachment ring were already completed prior to filming, and making the boxes in which we ship the items is also a mission – Tony salvages cardboard and cuts the boxes himself. Sometimes the snaths require more work as well – the holes for the grips are sometimes slightly misaligned and need filing out, or part of the shoulder of the top grip needs further sanding down to enable it to fit snugly. Other items in our catalogue can also need attention – for example, an entire shipment of anvils required dressing to get the faces polished enough for us to be happy with them.

So, this is what we mean when we say we don’t just open a shipping container, repack the contents and send them off to you – we put a lot of work into making sure the product we get will do what it’s supposed to do, and of course into making some of our products ourselves.

The home-grown Tasmanian music is used with kind permission from Frumious and As the Crow Flies.  Enjoy!


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